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Bye 2018! Hello 2019!

December 29, 2018

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As with the end of every year, it’s always good to do a brain dump of all the good shit that has happened. Like any other human, I tend to go down a spiral of crap when thinking of anything negative, so having such a positive list in front of me reinforces my belief that good things are happening and good things are on the way.

I hope that you too have created a list of goodness that you can reflect on, affirming that 2018 wasn’t so bad after all. Of course, no year is completely perfect, right? But fuck listing or thinking about any of the bad stuff here – we’re trying to stay positive, ah’ight?

Awesome things from 2018

  • Continuing to be in a loving relationship with Eileen
  • Moved to California with a reduced rent cost
  • Did NY & CA art shows, [showcasing VR fractals as well] when I was always afraid to show my art
  • Sold a bunch of art for the first time when I’ve had it posted online for years
  • Created more hat types and have gotten much praise
  • Started to meditate
  • Stuck with good daily habits like dancing, working out, watching TED talks, reading books and meditating
  • Reduced my sugar intake thanks to Keto
  • Got TSA pre-check [still get stopped for robots though]
  • Did interactive projects for people including some amazing companies
  • Ability to keep on doing what I love and have income come my way
  • Continued to receive messages from people that were happier after experiencing my media/stream
  • Almost paid off debt
  • Started to bullet journal [which keeps my good daily habits in check]
  • Raised money for various charities
  • Collaborated with Jill the robot master
  • Made interactive wearables
  • Made and sold canvas art
  • Did more unique interactive streams
  • Learned new languages & hardware [doing things I didn’t know how to do in 2017]
  • Fixed teeth and finally removed braces
  • Got to hang out with awesome streamers, viewers and staff at many conventions
  • Helped streamers and content creators better themselves 
  • Stayed grateful for all the love I receive for my random endeavors
  • Created various social accounts [hats, colors, glitch, fractals, beats] for the separate pillars of life
  • Glitch videos featured at shows and getting paid for it

Goals that will be crushed in 2019

  • Creating a streaming schedule
  • Sticking with a streaming schedule
  • Overcoming phobia of doing live music again
  • Worrying not of the things that do not need to be worried about
  • Fixing my skin condition again by sticking with the old diet
  • Traveling to new countries [some are already planned, weeee!]
  • More active on social media [especially myspace]
  • Doing more collaborations with artists, streamers and content creators
  • Building this blog to help streamers in need

Abundant amount of people that made 2018 amazing

  • Eileen
    For empathizing my creative ways and for motivating me to keep pushing forward.
  • Christina
    For teaching me the ways of mediation and helping me through tough transitions.
  • Mixer Staff
    For continuing to make and improve an awesome platform where my creations can take form.
  • Firebot & Mix It Up Staff
    For creating amazingly useful tools and putting up with my bug reporting ways.
  • All the streamers and viewers that have interacted with me in one way or another
    For supporting my work, engaging my craziness and catching my streams at the most random times.

Hopefully this list motivates you to create your own; if you made one, post it in the comments below.

Have a kick ass 2019 everyone!




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