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Let Mixer viewers shock you via MixPlay buttons

May 4, 2019

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Picture this: you’re streaming a very intense scary game, filled with eerie music and a creepy atmosphere – then suddenly BAM, a viewer spends sparks to ACTUALLY send sparks, by shocking you! Yes this is possible, and perhaps a bit funked up, but it’s both hilarious and another awesome way for viewers to interact with you.

What you’ll be able to do after reading this guide:

  • Have viewers shock you with different intensity levels using MixPlay buttons or text commands
  • Have viewers send vibrations or beeps with different intensity levels using MixPlay buttons or text commands
  • Tips on how to best utilize Mix It Up features for a device like this

What you’ll need:

Pavlok setup

After ensuring your Pavlok is fully charged, strap it on your wrist, download the app [Android or iOS], sync it up via Bluetooth and test it out by using the Pavlok Remote built into the app.

Although setting it up is pretty straightforward, here are additional resources if you need help or have any questions about the Pavlok:

FAQ | Pavlok 1 Instructions | Pavlok 2 Instructions

Setting up Pavlok Unlocked

Pavlok Unlocked is the web app that connects our Pavlok device to the world. 

  • Open up the Pavlok app
  • Go to More
  • Tap Redeem

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

  • Type Unlock_Unlocked and hit OK

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

  • Tap Grant access to my device

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

  • Connect your existing account or create a new one
  • You should see this page after connecting:

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

  • Go back to the Pavlok app and go to the Home tab, then scroll down and tap Unlocked

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

  • Create a new Shared Remote

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

  • Name it [case sensitive], copy the URL and tap Generate Link

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

  • Go to the Unlocked URL you just copied and test the functionality

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

You should have been able to beep, vibrate and zap your Pavlok right from the browser. There might be a delay, so don’t mind that. If for whatever reason this did not work, ensure that the Pavlok is charged and that your phone still has a valid connection to the device – just try beeping from the app. If you’re still having issues just let me know.

Playing with web requests

Obviously we don’t want viewers accessing the page we were just playing with, so instead we’ll be using Mix It Up to send web requests to the Pavlok by adjusting the URL.

Add /beep/150 to the end of your URL – it should look something like this:*YOURNAME*/beep/150

Try that in a browser; your device should have beeped from that.

You could replace beep to vibrate or zap, with numbers ranging from 1 to 255.

Mix It Up MixPlay buttons

Viewers can control the Pavlok device via MixPlay buttons using Mix It Up.

Create a new MixPlay project here [or modify an existing one].
Make three new buttons Beep, Vibrate & Zap, place them on all grids, then hit SAVE.

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

Open up Mix It Up, go to the MixPlay section and select your board [if you don’t see it, hit the refresh button].

Click Add Command for Beep, then click Advanced Command.

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

Select Web Request on the Action menu, then hit the + button.

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

Insert this URL [change the name] as the Web Request:*YOURNAME*/beep/255

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

Hit the Play button to test it, then hit Save.

Repeat the steps for the other two buttons but change beep to vibrate and zap [see pictures]. Perhaps use something more than 5 for the zap if you can’t feel the shocky shocky.

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

Pavlok shocking for Mixer guide

Hit the Connect button in Mix It Up, head to your channel and hit the buttons. Yayy it works [hopefully]!

Tips and tricks


Be sure to have a shared cooldown for all Pavlok related buttons and make it at least 30 seconds as sometimes there is an unforeseen delay.

Sound or Text To Speech

You can have a sound play so you know a Pavlok event has been trigger. Although this might take away from the surprise factor, it’s good to start out like this for anxiety reasons.


If you’re using Mix It Up, you can allow only people of a certain rank to hit the button. Not only does this stop people from abusing the power, but it also grants another incentive to stick around the stream.

User trigger

When a user clicks the button, you can have said button change it’s text to show who actually pressed it – or have a seperate button that displays the status of the Pavlok [e.g. sorryaboutyourcats triggered zap 50]. You can also have this trigger in the chat window or as an overlay. Check out Mix It Up’s documentation for more information on how to achieve that.

Text command

You can also utilize the same actions and put it into a text command, although I would advise against this due to the fact that if too many actions are triggered, Pavlok will have a queue of them – meaning you can get zapped over and over and over and over again. You could restrict this usage to mods or subs only, or add a cooldown to it as well. Go to Commands, then Custom Commands if you want to mess with this.

Trigger for sub, dono, etc.

In the Events section of Mix It Up, you can add the Pavlok commands to anything, such as a new sub or even a donation. The only thing I would advise for this is to temporarily disable any Pavlok related buttons on the MixPlay board for at least 30 seconds – this way a queue of actions isn’t being formed.

Done? Done!

I hope you and your viewers have a lot of fun with this! Go play a scary game, or even Jenga, and let me know how it works out for you. =D

Use ’em sparks,



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