Streamloots Coming in Hard – Let’s Dig Into It

May 4, 2019

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Ika_Bakaku here! This new website called Streamloots is taking the streamer community by storm! Similar to loot box style content, a streamer can create cards that are randomly given when a chest holder opens their chest. Each Chest can give 3 random cards from the Streamer’s custom collection, which can be used by viewers to see their cards displayed on stream overlays. Aside having the ability of cards displaying videos, images, and audio, you can also give special rewards for specific cards.


Here are some examples of what powers cards have, set up by the streamer and used by viewers:

– Streamer has to dance regardless if they’re in the middle of a battle or not
– Streamer has to wear a wolf hat, pigeon mask, cat head mask
– Streamer must say something nice to the card user
– Play a video on stream when the card is used
– Give or take the card user’s in chat currency
– Force the Streamer to Game Over in game
– Timeout a random user for 2 minutes
– Give VIP access to the card user
– And anything else!


You as the streamer can even set how rare each card is, configure card type rarities, run test chest & card rarity in bulk, and even unlock disenchanting of cards to gain resources that allow viewers to craft cards of their choosing. Streamers are given almost 100% control over their cards, and they are currently working on APIs to be run via bots to help moderate any custom bot command cards.


Okay Ika that sounds great an all, but why sign up for another site like this? Well here are some Pros to consider about this Streamloots.

  • Customize Chest Prices
  • Non Affiliates & Partners start gaining 80% profits
  • Affiliates with 3+ referrals get 85% profit and several mini perks
  • Partners get 90% profit and several perks
  • Streamers can gift as many free cards as they want
  • Endless Possibilities in the cards you can create
  • Aren’t an artist? You can use their add new predefined cards with a style they have to pick from
  • Storage for images, videos, sound is currently at 1GB
  • Simple to add their browser source url to your OBS/Xsplit to display cards and graphics
  • Leaderboards for most used cards and by top chest purchaser
  • Ban users who abuse cards or use bad messages
  • Give moderators you trust power to gift chests, manage redeemed cards, and handle banned users
  • And More!

Even if you might not think this is a good deal to bring to your community, at least give it a look over, or check out other streamers currently using this feature. Several streamers on Mixer and Twitch are displayed in the Discovery section. Something to note, if you signup and login with your Mixer, Twitch, Youtube accounts, you can see who you follow that is Live and uses the Streamloots feature. Neat huh?


For more information you can check out their Discord Server, Website, Twitter, and their guides below:

As a current user and now partner with Streamloots, I must recommend this to any streamer who loves giving interactive features to your viewers. It’s always nice to have fun features, and you can make a lot of money, and you are safe from refunds or charge backs. A nice safe way to give to your viewers, and make some profit. Don’t forget you can gift as many free chests are you want also, as long as the viewers have an account on Streamloots. Is there really a downside to this? My only thoughts on this being a downside, is if you use this to give out free merch and get classed as a form of gambling, but as long as return investment (money back or items) you should have no issues. Well, that and if you hate loot crates or boxes, then maybe this wont be a good feature for your community.

The Crazy Dungeon Carnival Master,


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